CEO | Product & Design


After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics in the Netherlands, I was fortunate to explore my passion for fashion at a large European fashion retail chain, with hundreds of locations across Europe where I became Head of Buying and a Member of the Board of Directors.

During this period, I frequently travelled around the Globe and especially enjoyed the encounters with inspiring people of diverse cultural backgrounds. In 1997, I created my own Fashion Design and Production Company based in Hong Kong, then soon after expanding to Shanghai with production facilities all-over Asia. The focus of the company was placed on the design and production of tailored garments for men and ladies, collaborating with the leading Global Fast Fashion brands, producing millions of pieces per year under ODM/OEM.

Our Mission

With Zer0-Waste we aim on the transformation of the Supply Chain to a Transparent, Scalable, Traceable, Local Circular Production in the Global Supply-chain for our legacy Multinational Retail chain clients aiming for a cleaner planet and an equal distribution of wealth. 

This Zer0-Waste platform incorporates our legacy of 22 years of global ODM production of global Multinational Retail chainsm where global collaboration is key for stakeholders: Makers, Consumers, Government and Planet.